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Posted On June 15, 2014By Samantha SurfaceIn Girlzone, Lifestyle

Confessions of a Daddy’s Girl on Fathers’ Day

I asked for the moon and you came back with the galaxy. When one boy said he didn’t love me anymore, you said you would never stop. You taught me that donuts are the only way to start a Saturday morning (or any morning) and that cigars can be smoked in times of celebration or sorrow. And when Mommy parted this world too soon, you stepped in to take over as Mr. Mom. I view the world with hope in my eyes and faith in my heart because of you,Read More
Teaching you to be fearless Allowing fear to impact your decisions will always hold you back. If you grew up in a family that encouraged you to conquer your fears—flying, navigating cities, traveling alone, riding rollercoasters—thank them endlessly. You will never have to be one of those unfortunate people who kicks him or herself 10 years down the road for passing up an opportunity that could have lead them to amazing things.   Letting you wear that There are many reasons to be thankful for parents that allowed you establishRead More
If you desperately need financial advice, there’s a good chance even the mention of money just caused you a minor heart attack. Even if you don’t desperately need financial advice, if you’re anything like me, there’s still a good chance your face is twitching because budgeting is always The Sucks. So before we begin, here’s some nice music, photos of beaches, and encouraging advice: Calm down, captain. YOU GOT THIS. Now. It’s business time. While I ain’t no Warren Buffett, I’d like to think I have some experience with savingRead More