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Coolest Dad Ever Makes Hovercraft for Son Alright, this guy officially won Dad of the Year for making his son a homemade hovercraft. Uh, yeah! This kid has to be the happiest kid alive. It’s like something out of the Jetsons. I’m super jealous and hope he makes more to sell in stores. You know you’d buy one. Who cares if you need someone else to steer the thing, I’d ride on it all day.     Man Gets DUI on Lawn Mower Florida does it again! A man wasRead More

Posted On July 17, 2014By Matthew RobertsIn Lifestyle, Manzone

5 Places Hair Shouldn’t Grow

Twelve years later, I still remember sitting in my junior high locker room pondering why most of my friends and other classmates had hairy armpits and I stayed looking like a naked mole rat. I wanted that rite of passage – just like Pinocchio, I wanted to be a real boy! I yearned for a legitimate reason to cover myself in pesticide scented Axe body spray. I wanted body hair. I craved it.  Then it came. Armpit hair, YES! Hell yeah, I am now a man. Pubes too? Sweet, I’llRead More