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Lazy? CARROT Will Increase Your Productivity


Is your productivity at an all-time low? Have trouble getting up on time? Prefer to play video games or watch trashy TV shows than getting your work or studying done? CARROT produces a few apps that will help you break those shitty habits and send you on the road to being the productive adult you’ve always wanted to be.



Are you the type of person who doesn’t get stuff done unless someone is constantly badgering you to do it? Meet CARROT, your new best friend…if your best friends are usually a little rough around the edges. CARROT makes three apps that will be of great value to any of you that need a kick in the ass to get it together sometimes – a to-do app, an alarm clock, and a fitness app. What makes CARROT so special is that she (yes, CARROT has a gender, and a “sparkling” personality) makes your productivity a game. When you cross things of your to-do list, you unlock new features. When you wake up on time, you move up levels. Shed a few pounds? CARROT rewards you for that too. But do NOT make CARROT angry. Oversleep and she’ll vow to haunt your dreams. Fall behind on your daily to-do items and she’ll give you some not-so-nice feedback. Gain any weight and watch out; CARROT will insult you in ways far more creative than those girls in high school ever did. While CARROT is not for the emotionally fragile, it does the trick; this app will ensure you meet all your goals and stop being such a lazy sack of lard. Download CARROT here!

Oh, and NEVER poke her “ocular sensor.” Trust me.



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