Lina Esco

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#WCW: Lina Esco


-Lina Esco-

Instagram: dolphindylan

Twitter: @dolphinesco

Known for: Spearheading the Free the Nipple campaign, recently starring in Netflix’s Flaked.

– I recently decided to give Will Arnett’s new Netflix show, Flaked, a chance. The show was alright, but I was an even bigger fan of actresses Ruth Kearney and Lina Esco.

I had never heard of Lina Esco before, but after doing a little bit of research, I found that Lina is actually one of the most important figures in the #freethenipple movement, having produced, directed, and starred in the eponymous film that captured the movement. In addition to her acting prowess, Lina Esco is indeed one of the more influential young feminists in the world today – something which should make men and women alike big fans of this talented, beautiful actress and activist.

See some pictures of Lina Esco below, then head over to the Free the Nipple website to learn more about her mission. After you’ve done that, check her out on Flaked to see the acting side of this talented 30-year old.





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