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#WCW: Helena Mattsson


-Helena Mattsson-

Instagram: helena_mattsson

Twitter: @helenamattsson

Known for: Guest starring in shows such as CSI, Desperate Housewives, and more recently, American Horror Story: Hotel.

– If you’ve checked out the latest season of the American Horror Story franchise, then you may have noticed something taking away from the horror in the first two episodes – or, rather, someone. Helena Mattsson is the name of the beautiful blonde who meets her unfortunate end in the early going of American Horror Story: Hotel, and it’s a shame, as I think we all would like to see a lot more of her.

Helena Mattsson is a Swedish actress who has yet to become a household name; although, she has appeared in recurring roles in many popular television shows in the States. While we sadly will not get to see more of Helena in American Horror Story, we all can see a lot more of her on Instagram. Helena is definitely worth a follow, and her sister, Sofia, isn’t too hard on the eyes either!






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