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#WCW: Gillian Jacobs


-Gillian Jacobs-

Instagram: gillianjacobs

Twitter: @GillianJacobs

Known for: Currently starring as Mickey in Netflix’s new comedy Love, previously starring in Girls and Community.

– If you haven’t watched Netflix’s hilarious, touching new show Love, you should probably get on that. I missed all the hype leading up to Judd Apatow’s new series, but I happened to stumble upon it this week…and immediately binge-watched all ten episodes in two days.

The show features excellent performances all around, but perhaps the most magnetic character of all is Mickey, the show’s messed-up-but-lovable female protagonist, played by Gillian Jacobs. As someone who hasn’t seen much of Girls or Community, Gillian was familiar but not really known to me, and I was instantly enraptured by the gorgeous, funny 33-year old actress.

While watching Love, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Gillian Jacobs, and you may find yourself head over heels for her soon too. Check out some pictures of the beautiful Love star below, and then make sure to check out this excellent new show!






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