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#WCW: Alexa Vega


-Alexa Vega-

Instagram: vegaalexa

Twitter: @alexavega

Known for: Starring in the Spy Kids series as a kid, which probably made her one of your teenage crushes.

– Alexa Vega. The name sounds familiar because when you were in middle school, you totally thought she was awesome and hot and the coolest girl in the world. That’s because she starred in Spy Kids way back in 2001, and of course, she also appeared in the sequels to the original film.

Time has been great for Alexa Vega, though. As we’ve all grown up, so has she – from an ass-kicking teenage spy-girl to a beautiful twenty seven year-old. Alexa Vega is currently on Dancing with the Stars, if that’s your sort of thing. But if it’s not, then at least take a look at some photos of her below!





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