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Taylor is a twenty-something college student studying psychology and art. She loves sunflowers, electronic dance music, coffee, being a goofball, and attending concerts. She will also probably remind you of Ellen Page and get excited over the little things.

Billy Joe Armstrong, the singer of Green Day, wrote the song “Waiting” and the title identifies some of the lyrics (feel free to continue singing along). As a young teenager, this song did not have much meaning other than it was a cool song written by my favorite band (at the time). However, as I have grown throughout high school and now, as a senior in college graduating in May, I definitely have a different perspective on this song. When I first entered college, I had no idea that timeRead More

Posted On September 12, 2014By Taylor WilderIn Music, Shows

I Imagined the Perfect Weekend

In one of my classes yesterday, we were discussing a point in time where we felt infinite or a time when everything just felt right. I raised my hand and spoke. Over Labor Day weekend, I went to Imagine Music Festival in downtown Atlanta. I live in Atlanta, and this was my first music festival, so I didn’t quite know what to expect but I was so excited. Well that didn’t matter, because it was everything I imagined and more. The positive vibes, the beautiful people, the moving music, andRead More

Posted On August 26, 2014By Taylor WilderIn Buzzworthy, Lifestyle, The Scene

Two Ways to Fill Your Labor Day with Fun!

This Labor Day weekend, will you be at Dragon Con or Imagine Music Festival? Both events will be held in Atlanta, with Dragon Con being hosted in five hotels downtown, and Imagine at Masquerade Music Park. So, which one do you choose to attend? Are you into science fiction? Do you enjoy playing video games? Do you constantly rave about your favorite fantasy character? Do you like to dress up as various characters from comic series? Dragon Con may be the event for you this Labor Day! Dragon Con isRead More
In this moment, you are afraid. You are afraid of being successful in your dream job you just landed. Afraid of failing grades in one of your classes at university. Afraid of possibly getting the opportunity to make a girl happy for the rest of her life. Afraid of possibly getting the opportunity to make a guy happy for the rest of his life. Afraid to ask for help in any part of your life. Afraid of letting YOURSELF be happy for the rest of YOUR life. In this moment,Read More