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Alex is a recent grad of CU Boulder. She can often be spotted writing about uncomfortable situations that have most likely happened to her, naming inanimate objects like her guitar named Larry and her car named Liberty, and singing showtunes in her automobile (yes, everything you do in your car is invisible to the public). Her Seven Wonders are running, birdwatching, music, awkward situations, cookies, dogs, and cartoons.

Independence while dating may be the most important part of your relationship. Now, I’m not a cynic. In fact, I believe that you should enter any relationship (be it friendship or more) with trust and an open mind. However, this does not mean you have to sacrifice your lifestyle before you met your new significant other. Creating a solid foundation for yourself is as important as the dating part. Here are some tips to keep your independence while dating:   1. Friends: It is so important to keep your friendsRead More